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Music: virt, haircuts for men, louie zong, kenichiro isoda, death's dynamic shroud, ratt, soul craft, peter cetera, the seatbelts, the outfield, MACROSS 82-99
Movies: Hot Fuzz, American Werewolf in London, Army of Darkness, Spider-Man 3, Akira, The Princess Bride, Karate Kid Part 2 & 3, A Fish Called Wanda

Edgar Wright's entire filmography are tied for my top 10
Television: Cobra Kai, Buffy, Frasier, Smiling Friends, Better Call Saul, Community, Party Down, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Jackass (add more when I think of them)
Games: No More Heroes, Monster Train, Slay the Spire, Smash Ultimate, Metroid Dread, Yakuza 7, Bloodborne, SOTN, Chrono Trigger, Animal Crossing, the Ace Attorney series, God Hand, Viewtiful Joe, Dragon Quest, Metal Slug, Steets of Rage, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Shenmue, Steet Fighter Alpha 3, DBFZ, Project Zomboid
Heroes: Goichi Suda, Bill Oakley, John Carmack, Your Mom XOXO ~ ;-)

Status: online
Orientation: dummy
Ethnicity: goombah
Religion: machine elves
Occupation: posting

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About me:

whatup! my name is ????. it's been a while since I posted an update because I forgot my login for 15 years. let's see... since the last time I posted, I experienced every major life milestone, moved like 16 times, died, came back to life but stronger, learned how to see into the 4th dimension, adopted a cat, finally got back into drawing, cured my own depression by repeatedly forgetting that it was ever a thing, learned a bit of coding, started drinking, started smoking, quit drinking, quit smoking, started collecting super nintendo games, realized myspace was dead but the social media that followed was an abomination against nature that ruined the world virtually overnight, got nostalgic for simpler times, ritualistically summoned myspace from the depths of hell, placed the forbidden glowing building block of solid, concentrated 'good old days' into a neat square-shaped hole in reality created by the festering void that consumes the future, decided to start writing again, am looking into new hobbies.. there's a lot to cover, so you'll need to follow the blog entries I post here in the following months. stay tuned! no but seriously, bookmark this page and come back to it.