Great Tales of Anxiety

Old Man Wispy

"Old Man Wispy lived alone in the woods, because all of his friends had died."

Rexels for Breakfast

"One day, Rexels got bored and decided that he was tired of not existing."

Your Dad and I, We Go Way Back

"Hey! Hey! You there, come here for a sec. I thought that was you!"

Pete Just Needs to Get Off His Ass

"Let's be honest— Pete just needs to get off his ass. He hasn't left the house in three years."

The Microwave

"Have you been staying hydrated? They say that drinking when you're thirsty isn't nearly enough— the best and brightest sometimes knock back gallons per day."

Dear Reddit, Am I The Asshole?

"Throwaway account here, as my husband uses Reddit. I (20F) was fortunate enough to purchase my own home in the spring of 2017."